What is an interactive ebook?
Where can I buy Your Story Wizard ebooks?
I am having problems viewing an ebook I bought from Your Story Wizard.
I bought your book through Google Books or Amazon and it does not have the read along highlighting text or the extra games?
I bought an ebook through your site, what program should I use to view it?
I want to buy a book from your website, do you keep my credit card on file?


How to use ebooks!

Did you download one of our ebooks and have questions on how to use it?

You need ebook reader to read our interactive ebook. We suggest “Adobe Digital Editions” reader.

For help with the iBookstore and iBooks please check out the Apple Support site.

For help with Amazon’s Kindle books please check out the Amazons Kindle Support site.

For help with Google Books please check out Google Books Help and Support site.

For help with Google Apps please check out Google Apps Help and Support site.

To be able to fully utilize all the interactive features we recommend using Apples iBooks app, it is free for download.

None of those were helpful? Contact us and we will see if we can help!



Did you have another question that was not answered? Please contact us!