More about our stories:
The heritage of folk tales from across the globe is indeed a rich and valuable one. We have found inspiration for our stories from a wide range of traditional, and even ancient folk tales.

The Panchatantra is a collection of stories in verse, poetry and prose of early Sanskrit and also Buddhist origins, from India. These beloved stories have been translated, adapted, refined, changed and retold countless times. The characters, plots and story lines are often quite remarkable. Your Story Wizard has retold some of these timeless fables in a form that is readily understandable, and entertaining for a world-wide audience.

Folk Tales of Africa are a little different. No written stories were passed down over the years. Instead, these stories were told and retold orally, often during ceremonies, or around fires, accompanied by drums and dancing. Often one individual would be the custodian of a culture’s story tradition, and would carefully transmit these stories to the next generation. We have included a few of these themes in our stories too.

Nordic, Slavic, and even Icelandic cultures are represented here. No corner of the world is devoid of folklore, and we’ve selected some of the most interesting to include in our tales. Aesop’s fables make an appearance too. There is a good reason why these folk tales still survive, and we would like the tradition to grow, and we want modern technology to make the stories even more enjoyable.

Our stories are adapted, checked and tweaked to make them suitable for all children. The original flavor is kept, but the unsuitable characters or themes are weeded out, making them appropriate for sensitive, growing minds in any culture.

We believe it is important to introduce kids to a wide, wonderful, and magical world. There are so many cultures, so many places, so many marvels – and through them all we find universal themes like love, honesty, wisdom, tolerance, charity, and wholesomeness.

We want to stimulate the minds of children to be more curious, well-informed, and open to all cultures. At the same time, we steer clear of themes that are tainted with bigotry, anger, hate, or religious dogma. We focus instead on universally accepted, common-sense and timeless values.

Our Vision for a Bright Future
We’d like to hang on to the valuable lessons learned in the past, across cultural and political divides, sifting out what is most relevant for kids. At the same time, we look to the future with hope and optimism.

Your Story Wizard is committed to continuously improving and broadening our library and our positive impact on kids. In future we would like to have hundreds more stories, from even more exotic parts of the world, and, perhaps most importantly, see our works translated into more languages.

Technologies are developing rapidly, and we’re only just figuring out how to tap into their awesome potential. With interactive stories, and related types of e-learning, children will soon be able to learn multiple languages, develop all kinds of skills, and much more, while simultaneously enjoying the experience. Learning needn’t be boring. We want to make it fun, exciting, and challenging.

If you have any comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to send us a comment using the provided form.