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If you’re looking for children’s ebooks that are fun and enriching, you’ve found just the place.

Our interactive stories unlock the joy of imagination as children immerse themselves in each story. While the narrator speaks, your child can begin to follow along with the words on-screen, and learn to read better, without it feeling like work!

Each story is crafted with love and care. They are based on traditional folk tales from around the world, such as the magical Panchatantra from India, or folk tales passed from generation to generation in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Islands, and all over the world.

We’ve adapted them to be accessible to modern kids. While they get a taste of the exotic locations and people, we’ve added a list of Fun New Words after each story, explaining the trickier words, and boosting your child’s general knowledge and vocabulary.

An entertaining, interactive quiz will encourage your child to listen carefully to the details, and this will greatly enhance their comprehension abilities.

We have added several other games and puzzles to make each story engaging and fun.

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